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Alison Brie: James Franco stayed in character while directing

Larry King NowJun 30 '17

Alison Brie opens up about being directed by her brother-in-law, James Franco, in ‘The Disaster Artist,’ and his decision to stay in character as the long-haired, accented Tommy Wiseau while on set.

Larry King: You’re also in another movie with your husband ‘The Disaster Artist’?

Alison Brie: Yes.

Larry King: Directed by his brother James Franco?

Alison Brie: Yes.

Larry King: You’re very busy?

Alison Brie: Yeah! Well, you know, I was very busy like six months ago and now everything is coming out at the same time. So, I’m busy again and that’s always a great feeling.

Larry King: So James Franco is your husband’s older brother?

Alison Brie: Yes.

Larry King: He’s your brother-in-law.

Alison Brie: Yes.

Larry King: How good of a director is he?

Alison Brie: He’s a great director. I think he really gives the actors room to kind of do their thing and puts a lot of trust into the people he’s working with, which feels good. It feels like he’s a very instinctual director. Although, it was bizarre shooting this with him because he plays the lead character Tommy Wiseau. This is based on a true story; and so for the duration of this shooting he had this long black wig and he has facial prosthetics on and he’s doing a weird, maybe,uh, you know,I don’t know, just like a weird eastern european accent. And he would sort of stay in character while directing. So it was a strange experience.

Larry King: You were directed by an eastern european!

Alison Brie: Yeah. Yeah.

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