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Taryn Manning on ‘Orange is the New Black,’ music, & lost roles

Larry King NowJun 07 '17

Taryn Manning joins Larry ahead of the ‘Orange is the New Black’ season five premiere to discuss the show’s magic, & if her character will remain on the series past this season. Plus, the actor-musician on her new song, and losing a role to Shiri Appleby.

Larry King interviews Taryn Manning, an actress and musician who plays Pennsatucky on the hit series ‘Orange is the New Black,’ which is currently in its fifth season. Manning has also had roles in the films ‘8 Mile,’ ‘Hustle & Flow,’ and ‘Crossroads,’ and has just released a new song, ‘Glitch Life.’ Larry asks how Pennsatucky evolved from a disliked to liked character, and Manning says the character had to figure herself out and learn about forgiveness. Manning liked the character both ways, considering it a fun acting exercise.

Larry asks if she is surprised that ‘Orange is the New Black’ was the show that boomed her career, and Manning says she considers her heyday to be when she was 24, though this is an exciting phase of her career. Asked why the show is doing so well, Manning talks about having the right group of spirits together, great writers like Jenji Kohan, a bunch of women, and some boobs. Though she doesn’t evaluate scripts by how big of a hit they’ll be, she enjoyed the script when she first read it and could see it as a hit. Larry mentions that the show has been renewed through its seventh season, but Manning is not allowed to say whether she’ll be on it for two more seasons.

From her acclaim in television, Larry asks about Manning’s acclaim in films like ‘8 Miles’ and ‘Hustle & Flow.’ Manning says she’s proud of her independent films, even if they’re not well known. When asked if she’s had rough patches without work, Manning says she’s had mountains and valleys, but she never wanted to quit acting, even though she sometimes felt she wasn’t in her complete destiny. Originally, Manning moved to Hollywood as a dancer who took acting courses, but was fired from a dancing role on a film when they got more money and wanted a bigger star. However, she realized she could use her other talents, and has amicable feelings towards Sheri Applebee, the ‘Roswell’ actress who replaced Manning.

Larry asks about Manning’s song ‘Glitch Life,’ and Manning says the title is how she feels about technology, which is constantly changing and difficult to keep up with. She says her album will be released soon. Larry comments on Manning’s advocacy for music education in schools, which Manning says is a shame to cut, since music is a big healer and a universal language. When asked to share her thoughts on Trump, Manning says he’s there, so you have to just wish for the best. She’s shocked by some of his positions, but doesn’t know what to say.