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Claire Foy on fame: It’s not all it pretends to be

Larry King NowJul 31 '17

Despite the massive success of ‘The Crown,’ Claire Foy – who stars as Queen Elizabeth II in the award-winning Netflix series – says she doesn’t engage much with celebrity, and that she “never” gets recognized on the street.

Larry King: You’re as famous in America as you are in London. How has fame affected you?

Claire Foy: Well it hasn’t really because I’ve been working for...11 years? 11 years. So, I think I’ve seen it from the outside for a long time and have quite a...not understanding of it but I’ve seen how it works for long enough to know that it’s not all it is cracked up to be or pretends to be...But no, I mean, it’s a weird thing because I’m very much in the bubble of shooting the show so it doesn’t feel like it’s me, it’s the show.

Larry King: But you’re recognized on the streets, aren’t you?

Claire Foy: No, no, never. Never.

Larry King: No one recognizes you?

Claire Foy: Nope, never! It’s great! (Laughs) it’s because I’m blonde at the moment, and also I don’t really live a life where that would happen - I don’t know…

Larry King: You don’t make the social world?

Claire Foy: I don’t really, yeah, I don’t really go out to all sorts of things, it’s all to do with work, really.

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