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Claire Foy on ‘The Crown,’ Ryan Gosling, & fame

Larry King NowJul 31 '17

Claire Foy – or, as she’s become known recently, Queen Elizabeth II – discusses what’s in store for the second season of ‘The Crown,’ bidding the show adieu, and her starring role opposite Ryan Gosling in Damien Chazelle’s next film. 

Larry sits down with Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award winning actress, Claire Foy. In London, they discuss her hitrole as Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix mega hit ‘The Crown’. They also discuss her adjustment to fame and her upcoming role as Neil Armstrong’s wife in Damien Chazelle’s film ‘First Man’, opposite Ryan Gosling. Claire reveals landing her breakout role as Queen Elizabeth was a relatively painless experience. Despite her 5 month pregnancy at the time and her doubt that she would get the part, she landed the role with relative ease. She also reminisced on her time working with John Lithgow, and revealed that certain members of The Royal family have watched the show. Claire learned a lot about the family whilst preparing for the role. Claire reveals the characters you will meet in season 2 of ‘The Crown’ to Larry, and discusses the difficulty and self-doubt she had playing the Queen.

Claire states that attending and winning the Golden Globe was an ‘out of body experience’, and praises Queen Elizabeth’s 60 plus year rule, discussing how far political women have come in London. When Larry asks how international fame has affected Claire’s personal life, and they discuss fame in Britain vs. fame in America, she compares American celebrities to The Royal Family. She also reveals her past yearning to become a cinematographer. Larry asks Claire about her guilty pleasures, who she’d like to trade places with for a day, and what life is like after leaving ‘The Crown’. She also talks landing the Queen’s accent. While Claire will not be starring in season 3 ‘The Crown’, she discusses moving on to play Neil Armstrong’s wife in Damien Chazelle’s upcoming biopic, ‘First Man’. Larry plays a game of ‘If You Only Knew’ with Claire, and ends the interview with a round of twitter fan questions.