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Claire Foy, Queen of England, once removed poop from prawns

Larry King NowJul 31 '17

Claire Foy – who stars as the quintessence of all that is proper, Queen Elizabeth II, on ‘The Crown’ – confesses that in an earlier stage of her life, she had a gig removing “the poo pipes” from prawns at a wedding.

Larry King: Strangest job you’ve ever had?

Claire Foy: Oh my god. A lot. I had to don’t know what else to call them... the pipes for prawn defecations out of them… I had to take out the sort of poo pipes of prawns on one job.

Larry King: The poo pops of prawns? What are you talking about?

Claire Foy: You know,sort of the intestines of a prawn. You can’t eat them because they make you very ill, I spent the whole day taking those out of prawns.

Larry King: Where, in a butcher shop? Where?

Claire Foy: No, in a tent. I was working at a wedding.

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