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‘The Crown’ star Claire Foy’s admiration for Queen Elizabeth

Larry King NowJul 31 '17

Claire Foy – who stars as Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix’s award-winning series, ‘The Crown’ – expresses her admiration for the Queen, noting that she has fulfilled her duties with grace for more than 60 years.

Larry King: In your acceptance speech, you thanked Queen Elizabeth saying ‘She has been the center of the world for 63 years and I think the world could do with a few more women at the center of it’. You admire her.

Claire Foy: Yeah, I mean I don’t know how you couldn’t look at what she’s done and not admire her. She’s...I mean I think she’s actually been for much longer than 63 years, and I’m terrible at maths...but she has endured and been duty bound for 60 plus years and never at any point shown any, publicly, any questioning of that….She’s always done her job to the best of her ability, and she’s constantly living in a world where her position and her authority -- or what little authority she has -- is entirely based on what she gets reflected back from the British people, and I think that’s an incredibly precarious position to be in...and I just think, you know, if you could be in the room with all of the people she’s met, all the dignitaries and heads of state and heads of religion, she’s just pretty much an encyclopedic knowledge of the history…

Larry King: Still owns her horses and goes to the races…

Claire Foy: Yeah, still rides, yeah…

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