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Claire Foy confirms role in Neil Armstrong biopic

Larry King NowJul 07 '17

In this exclusive clip, Claire Foy confirms to Larry King that she's signed on to play Ryan Gosling's wife in Damien Chazelle's upcoming Neil Armstrong biopic, 'First Man.'

Larry King: Is it true that you’re going to star in Damien Chazelle’s next movie about Neil Armstrong?

Claire Foy: Yes...I think….Can I? I am, Yes.

Larry King: Playing his wife?

Claire Foy: I am, yeah. Janet, yeah.

Larry King: I’m surprised that after all this time, they’re finally doing a movie about him.

Claire Foy: Really?

Larry King: Well think about it, how long ago he landed on the moon in 1960 something…

Claire Foy: But it’s interesting, it’s kind of like ‘The Crown’ for example, is about the Queen when she was younger. I think it’s one of those things, that it’s just enough time has passed.. That people aren’t going to be viewing it not protectively, but kind of with the idea that...It’s very difficult when you make anything about a figure that’s know very well is that everyone’s got an opinion on how it should be done - and I think enough time has passed now for people just to hear the story and see the story and…

Larry King: Have you seen the script?

Claire Foy: I have, yep, yeah.

Larry King: Now who’s playing Neil?

Claire Foy: Ryan Gosling.

Larry King: He’s a wonderful actor.

Claire Foy: He’s an amazing actor.

Larry King: You’ll have to have an American accent for that.

Claire Foy: I will, yeah. A very specific one, yeah.

Larry King: And he also was a very private man.

Claire Foy: Very, very private.

Larry King: Didn’t like public speaking…

Claire Foy: Yeah, well....

Larry King: Didn’t like appearances…

Claire Foy: Well he got very good at it, they both got very very good at it.

Larry King: At the end, yeah.

Claire Foy: Yeah, yeah. And I think it’s interesting to see two people who, unlike celebrity of today, are naturally, straight off, very suspicious. I think. People learn to be very suspicious and like “What’s everyone getting at?” Press intrusion, and all those sorts of things...That wasn’t as prolific then. But you do see that they, as a family and as a unit, were very very private, and I don’t think that’s not...I think there was a reason for that.

Larry King: You must thrilled about that role, though.

Claire Foy: Oh my god, yeah.

Larry King: What’s it called?

Claire Foy: ‘First Man’, it’s called.

Larry King: First Man.

Claire Foy: Yeah.

Larry King: Where was his wife when he was on the moon?

Claire Foy: At home. With the kids.

Larry King: Do they have scenes at home?

Claire Foy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s not all based up there. A lot of it is about their domestic situation, and kind of their life together, and their life as a family.

Larry King: Where are they shooting?

Claire Foy: Atlanta.

Larry King: Atlanta.

Claire Foy: Yeah.

Larry King: Good luck with that. I can’t wait for it.

Claire Foy: Aw, thank you very much!

Larry King: ‘First Man’.

Claire Foy: ‘First Man’, yeah.

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