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Luke Cage’s hoodie is an homage to Trayvon Martin

Larry King NowJul 07 '17

Mike Colter – who stars as Luke Cage in the Netflix Marvel series – explains how the decision to have the superhero sport a hoodie for much of the first season was influenced by the shooting of Trayvon Martin. 

Larry King: You wore a hoodie?

Mike Colter: Mhm.

Larry King: Was it your idea?

Mike Colter: It was my idea. But I think everybody was kind of on the same page. I think we all thought that this was the time to sort of pay homage to the things that were going on in society. Obviously Trayvon Martin, when it happened, I think it touched everybody in a weird way. A very specific way because: it was a kid, “just wrong place, wrong time,” minding his own business, completely innocent, he belonged there, he wasn’t intruding, he wasn’t trespassing, he wasn't armed, he couldn’t have been more innocent. And yet, based off of his apparel, this guy that thought he was of a certain kind of a bad guy.

Larry King: Bad guy.

Mike Colter: And it just really… it just devastated a lot of people. So, we thought it made sense that we use the hoodie as sort of a disguise; as sort of a way of working as a superhero because not only does Luke Cage not want to be noticed -not want anybody to know who he was- it was a very casual, everyday man kind of costume. Everybody has a hoodie, you know. Everybody gets up in the morning sometimes, take a walk and their dog; it just makes sense.

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