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Why Mike Colter loved growing up in South Carolina

Larry King NowJul 07 '17

‘Luke Cage’ star Mike Colter says that – contrary to the stereotypes about South Carolina – his upbringing in the Southern state was exceptional, filled with supportive teachers who encouraged him to follow his dreams.

Larry King: What was it like growing up in South Carolina?

Mike Colter: South Carolina, it was for me a very interesting experience. Uh,South Carolina… I’ll be honest, I had a great experience there. I got lucky. I don’t know; I think my experience was different than most people.

Larry King: You didn’t experience any racism?

Mike Colter: It was there, in places.

Larry King: What city were you in?

Mike Colter: I wouldn’t call it a city. It was Saint Matthews, South Carolina, a very small little town. Um, I got lucky because - I told people along the way- I had teachers that were very encouraging to me. You know, you hear these stories about people telling you you can’t do something. And honestly, sometimes you wish those people would tell you that so then you can have that chip on your shoulder, to keep you going. And a lot of times, I had to manifest this kind of thing because I had so many people who were supportive. I didn’t come into contact with as many adversaries in my educational journey. A lot of people did. I guess I can still remember my teachers telling me you know, “ You could do this,” and “you could do that.”

Larry King: White and black?

Mike Colter: White and black, mostly white. I mean, a lot of my teachers were white.

Larry King: They didn't tell you you had to be a pullman conductor?.

Mike Colter: No! No, they didn’t! And that’s probably what… that probably goes on a lot and I just got really lucky. So I am very aware of what South Carolina represents to a lot of people, but my journey was a little different.

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