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Lake Bell on the dearth of female directors

Larry King NowAug 30 '17

Lake Bell, who recently finished directing her second film, ‘I Do Until I Don’t,’ discusses the lack of female directors in Hollywood, and practical fixes that could diminish the discrepancy.

Larry King: 4 years ago you said, “I don’t find it hard to make a film because I am a woman. I think if you have a movie to make, make it. If you happen to have a vagina that’s okay, still make it.” You said that.

Lake Bell: You say it better, though. I like that.

Larry King: Yeah?

Lake Bell: (laughs) Um, wow.

Larry King: If you have a vagina, it’s okay!

Lake Bell: Let’s talk about…(laughs)

Larry King: Well, why are women - women get such a small percentage, in fact we have a quote. “Women made up 7 percent of all directors of the top 250 films, that’s a 2 percent decline from 2015,” according to the San Diego State Center for the Study of Women in Television.

Lake Bell: I think that there will always be a discrepancy. Mainly because if we just think about just, a pool of directors, and half of them are women, and then half of those female directors are moms - those directors - those female directors that are also moms, will not be able to make -- be as prolific -- and make as many movies in the year. So, already...It’s inherent to I think being...That’s what I find most difficult to kind of understand…

Larry King: Yeah, but that’s logical….

Lake Bell: Yeah, I know!

Larry King: Like a blockbuster that might take 2 years to make.

Lake Bell: I just think, honestly what needs to change is the -- I think -- the kind it’s couched in society, globally. Right? Like, to be a mom, it just means you just have to have childcare and the appropriate functioning system on set. Like, why can’t that just be a part of the set, you know? Or...Cause when I think about making my next picture, I’m not going to not make that movie because I now have a 3 month old and a 2 and a half year old. I want them to see me continue to attack my dreams, and I need to be happy in order for the whole home to be happy, in the same way that my husband has to do the same.

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