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Is Forest Whitaker losing his passion for acting?

Larry King NowFeb 14 '18

Forest Whitaker reveals that he sometimes fears he’s losing his passion for acting, as the drive he once felt while working on a role he says now can be absent.

Forest Whitaker: Sometimes I feel like I've lost some of my passion, and that makes me quite afraid. See, because fear itself is okay, because fear is an indicator of something happening, a change or something, and I used to like it when I would start a project, I needed to feel afraid. I stopped feeling the fear sometimes, and that makes me feel concerned about how much I'm growing and how much I'm connecting anymore. 

Larry King: You mean, like, too content? 

Forest Whitaker: I'm not really content in my life in the sense of, like, things being all perfect, but I do know that when I'm working on a part sometimes I haven't felt the feeling and that drive, and that's a fear.