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Angela Kinsey on how she got her role on 'The Office'

Larry King NowFeb 26 '18

Angela Kinsey tells Larry King how she came to be on'The Office'.

Larry King: How did you get the part of Angela Martin on The Office? 

Angela Kinsey: I auditioned for the role of Pam and I worked really hard on it. And there was a big room of people and there was a moment when Michael Scott fake fires Pam in front of Ryan the temp. And she just breaks down and cries because as crappy as that job was, she needed it. And it's suppose to be this heartfelt moment. She calls him a jerk but she's broken and in that moment I broke down, and I looked at him and I go; you jerk. And everyone started laughing cause I guess I was really mean. And people said; you did great but you're a little too feisty for Pam. And I didn't get the role, and I thought; well, that's that. And then a few months later they called me in and they said; we might have a little feisty accountant in the corner and we want you to come in and read for it. And I did.