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The advice my father Muhammad Ali gave me

Larry King NowFeb 07 '18

Laila Ali reveals to Larry the best piece of advice her legendary boxing champion father Muhammad Ali bestowed upon her. 

Larry King: Best piece of advice you ever got? 

Laila Ali: My father gave me some really good advice, young. And it's stuck with me ever since. And I really truly live by it. It's never to step on others to get ahead. And that can be applied to so many different areas of my life and it's something that I'm teaching my kids now because I think we're living in a time where people feel like they have to say something negative about somebody or make somebody look bad just to make themselves feel better. And my father never wanted us to do that or never look down upon anyone. And he didn't. Like you said, he was the most famous man in the world but he was still, you know, take the time and go out of his way to make the person who thinks you wouldn't pay him any attention to put a smile on their face whether it be the janitor or someone like that. 

Larry King: He was wonderful to me. I adored him. He hosted one of my book parties.

Laila Ali: That's great. But I'm trying to say, like, a lot of people are wonderful to you, but they might treat somebody else a different way. 

Larry King: Yeah, I know, you're right. 

Laila Ali: So he was not that guy and I respect that.