What Would You Ask Nelly?

Submit a question for hip-hop superstar Nelly!

From his home in St. Louis, Nelly paved a way to hip-hop superstardom, creating some of the biggest rap and pop hits of the 2000's. Now he's just released his seventh album "M.O." He'll be on "Larry King Now" soon - what do you want to know? Submit a question for Larry King to ask in the comments, and it could be used on the show!

Post your questions in the comments below or send them to us on Twitter, Facebook , Google+ or Instagram for a chance to have Larry ask it on the show!

The interview will tape soon, but make sure to stay tuned to our Schedule page to see when Nelly will be on "Larry King Now." And make sure to bookmark our Where To Watch page to find out how you can stream this interview!


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