Guitar Legend Slash Joins 'Larry King Now'

Legendary guitarist Slash joins "Larry King Now" today.

Having already conquered the rock and roll world many times over as one of the genre's most legendary guitarists, Slash has turned to a new passion, producing horror films with his first, “Nothing Left to Fear."

But Slash still has plenty to say about the genre he helped to define as part of Guns N' Roses on today's all-new "Larry King Now." Is rock and roll dying? And what's next for the genre? Slash weighs in on it all.

"I don’t think rock and roll ever dies," said Slash. "It’s more of an attitude, you know, to me."
Slash on Larry King Now

Tune in to an all-new "Larry King Now" with Slash tonight at 5 pm ET on Ora TV & Hulu, but first check out some episode highlights whenever:

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