Producer's Notes: The Case of Two Jennas

Why is the Jenna Jameson on "Larry King Now" so different from the Jenna Jameson on Good Day New York? "Larry King Now" producer Ben Monie shares his thoughts

Some guests come on our show for promotional reasons, whether it’s a film, a book or a cause.  And they have to sell it to the audience with a convincing display of passion. Some have an innate talent at interviews. Others have to work hard for it. The guests have to chose their words wisely. They have to look their best. They have to appear self-aware and engaged, proud but not arrogant, articulate without seeming rehearsed. Otherwise their appearance in an interview can quickly become tabloid fodder for those who feasts on famous people at their worst. Hey, I’m guilty of trolling for it, we all are. And in this internet age, how can we not be?


This week’s most recent celebrity casualty is Jenna Jameson.  Jameson, for those who don’t know, is a former adult film star. Think of her what you will, Jenna is the only adult film star I can think of to really hit mainstream success. She sold her porn company for an undisclosed amount (ca-ching!) and has since branched out into writing with the release of her memoir, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, a New York Times bestseller. And now, fresh off the heels of the successful Fifty Shades trilogy, she’s releasing her own take on the erotic novel, Sugar.

We recently had Jenna onLarry King Now, preceding her appearance on Good Day New York -- you know, the one that has been making TMZ headlines. Due to our production schedule, the interview is airing after that appearance. (Larry’s interview with the father of her children, MMA fighter Tito Ortiz, airs this coming Monday. Tune in to Ora TV to see what Tito has to say about his relationship with Jenna.)

Before the interview, I spoke to Jenna for just short of an hour over the phone. I found her to be candid, funny and thoughtful. She was genuinely enthusiastic to meet Larry. Needless to say, the interview went extremely well. I encourage everyone to watch it as it speaks for itself.

Yet after watching her spot on Good Day New York, I was confounded. Why is the Jenna Jameson on Larry King Now so different from the Jenna Jameson on Good Day New York?  Her team has since stated that her odd behavior on GDNY was due to exhaustion. Sites are alleging abuse of Oxycontin. Whatever the reason, I was disheartened after watching it. I was concerned for her. Is she okay? And of course (and perhaps most tellingly), I was also selfishly thinking: where was the Jenna Jameson I had the opportunity to meet? Were we duped?

People are going to make their own assessments about her. Sure, on Good Day New York, she seemed completely off. It’s impossible not to watch and feel discomfort...or flat-out horror. But where does that feeling come from? Is it because we feel sorry or embarrassed for her? Or are we that contemptible that we relish seeing someone in a state of despair? In the very near future, Jenna will have a revelatory interview with someone, maybe Larry, about what exactly went down. But if Jenna was at her worst on Good Day New York, then she was at her best with Larry. Watch our interview and try not to feel that the woman before you can be sharp, thought-provoking, and insightful.

Perhaps Jenna brought her A game since it was her first time being interviewed by Larry King. Tito Ortiz told Larry that there are two Jennas. Whatever demons she is battling I hope she conquers them soon. God knows we all have them. Most of us try not to put them on display for everyone to see. And sometimes, you just need a person to bring out the best in you. And that’s the magic of Larry King.


 Ben is a Producer for Larry King Now

Watch Larry's full interview of Jenna Jameson below:

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