Celebrate Halloween With Your Favorite Zombie Hunters on 'Larry King Now'

Revisit some of Larry King's "The Walking Dead" interviews from "Larry King Now."


Happy Halloween!

Scary seems to be cool these days, especially if you're a zombie enthusiast! "The Walking Dead" is smashing viewership records, zombie-themed video games for all the newest consoles sell out in mere seconds and who wouldn't want to dress as a zombie hunter these days?

In fact, those who play zombie hunters for a living have made themselves quite at home on "Larry King Now" — Larry himself has said his "The Walking Dead" episodes are always fascinating and fun. He should know, he's done four of them!

On this Halloween Throwback Thursday, and in the middle of our own 'masters of horror week' why don't you get in the spirit with the four "The Walking Dead" duos — plenty of treats here!

The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln & Sarah Wayne Callies



The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus & Danai Gurira

LKN1112_WalkingDead2H_006 (1)


The Walking Dead: David Morrissey & Laurie Holden



The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun & Lauren Cohan



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