Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn Says Show Ends 'Perfectly'

"Breaking Bad" star Anna Gunn talks the series finale of the hit show on "Larry King Now."

Though she worried that series creator Vince Gilligan might jump out of the walls to stop her, "Breaking Bad" star Anna Gunn was able to share a few secrets as to how the hugely popular series ends.

On today's all-new special "Breaking Bad" episode of "Larry King Now," Gunn and co-star Dean Norris, who portrays DEA agent Hank Schrader, talked to Larry about the rise and imminent end to the hit AMC show. But it was Gunn who gave Larry the most insight into the series finale.

"Everybody gets the ending they deserve," Gunn told Larry King. "Vince really stayed true and authentic to each of the characters' storylines, archs and personalities. That's why I think it ends perfectly."
Gunn also talked about her final day of shooting with Emmy-winning co-star Bryan Cranston, and the emotions involved.
"I went into the makeup trailer that morning and was already having some teary moments," said Gunn. "But Bryan and I said the whole time, let's savor and enjoy ever last minute of this. ... We just held on to each other for dear life."
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