The Jonas Brothers Have Baby Fever

Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas talk about whether Joe's ready to get married and talk Kevin's upcoming baby.

With an all-new Jonas on the way, family is certainly on the Jonas Brothers' minds.

But leave it to Larry King to ask the question so many are asking about one Jonas in particular — is Joe ready to propose to girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler?

"Wow!," said a laughing Joe on the set of today's all-new "Larry King Now" with the trio. "I think we're taking our time. We're enjoying this time."
There have been plenty of rumors of late that Joe would join older brother Kevin in popping the question and tying the knot.

Kevin, on the other hand, told Larry that he and wife Danielle Deleasa are expecting their first in late January, after which Larry took the opportunity to give Kevin a special suspenders-themed gift:


As for a name, the couple hadn't decided quite yet. With so many boys names in the family already, Kevin told Larry he and his wife, who were expecting to learn the gender of the baby within a few days of the interview, had a few names already in the works.

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