Hugh Laurie & Larry King Share 'One For My Baby'

Hugh Laurie and Larry King star in the music video for Hugh's single, "One For My Baby."

All the ingredients were there — one part Hugh Laurie, one part Larry King, one part blues instant classic.

Yes, that's the former "House" star and the talk legend starring in a special "Larry King Now" music video for Hugh's "One For My Baby" from his second album, 'Didn't It Rain.'

The music video finds the crooning Laurie, who played House for eight seasons on FOX's hit show, drinking alone at a bar tended by none other than Larry himself.

It's classic blues through and through, and just one part of today's all-new "Larry King Now" with the British acting legend, who talked about his long love of blues music.

"I was six or seven years old and I heard a song on the radio," said Laurie of the genre. "It was like an electric shock. I thought, I'm home. This is the music for me, and it always will be."

The two tackled a variety of other subjects, including if Hugh would ever return to the small screen.

"I'm so happy doing what I'm doing, it's almost obscene," Laurie said of not wanting to jump back into acting. "I'm reading scripts, but I'm not yet sort of hooked on anything."

All in all, a pretty swell day of "Larry King Now." We're excited.


Click in below to watch the full 'Larry King Now' episode online, anytime:

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