Tony Hale's 'Amazing' Kiss With Liza Minnelli

"Veep" and "Arrested Development" funny guy Tony Hale remembers kissing the iconic Liza Minnelli fondly.

As Buster Bluth on "Arrested Development," Tony Hale often found himself in the middle of some bizarre situations.

But according to the "Veep" and AD funny guy, one highlight was getting to kiss Liza Minnelli, who played Lucille Austero (Lucille 2).

When you're dealing with an icon like Liza, it can go one of two directions," Hale told Larry King on today's new "Larry King Now. "And she was so gracious. Talk about stories, she just told stories."
When the time came for the kiss to happen on set, Hale was at clearly at ease.
There was a part of me that was like yeah, I'm going to kiss an icon. Let's do it!," Hale said.
During the rest of the interview, the first-time Emmy nominee for his role as Gary Walsh "Veep" talked about getting into character as the odd-ball Bluth.
It's scary how easy it is to get into it, which terrifies me," said Hale. "It's that physicality. Anything that comes up to you, he's going to be sensitive."
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