Bill Hader Dishes on The Inspiration Behind SNL's Stefon

Bill Hader tells Larry King how his Saturday NIght Live character, Stefon, was created.

Few characters in the last decade of "Saturday Night Live" have broken out like Bill Hader's famed Weekend Update city corespondent Stefon. But how do you come up with such an odd and hilarious character?

It turns out, like many SNL creations, Stefon was the marriage of two great ideas that spawned a character that appeared in five seasons of the show and proved Hader's breakout character during his eight years on the show.

"John Mulaney, who co-created him with me ... really deserves a lot of credit for Stefon," Hader said on today's all-new "Larry King Now."
Mulaney, a stand-up and writer on SNL, received an email from a friend which described a club with "everything" — rooms full of broken glass; New York's hottest club is "Wish!"
"I, separately, would go to this coffee shop in Chelsea every morning, and there was a barista there who kind of talked like that," explained Hader. "He was always telling me about his life. 'I live on the Lower, Lower East Side.'"
The two would go around the SNL offices, according to Hader, each doing their bits on these two characters, until Mulaney finally had the idea to combine them.
"John had the smarts to combine them," said Hader.
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