Larry King's Pop Culture Panel Weighs In On Batfleck

Larry King and comedians Theo Von and Tom Green doubt all the negative press Ben Affleck's casting has attracted.

For all the uproar over the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman last week, it seems like actually hashing out the discussion proves most people aren't as negative as you think.

On today's special pop culture edition of "Larry King Now," comedians Theo Von and Tom Green told Larry King they were more interested in the reasons behind the negative reaction than actually giving a negative reaction themselves.

"We're living in this troll society, where no matter how good you are or how bad you are, if you put yourself out there, there's going to be millions of people saying something negative," said Green, who's been in plenty of movies himself.
Von had nothing but positive things to say on the casting of the Academy Award-winning director and actor.
"Look at him, he looks like a Batman to me," said Von. "Give the guy a shot, let's see what he can do."
Larry even weighed in on the casting, which he compared to Michael Keaton's Batman, which was somewhat doubted when it first arrived, and had only positive things to say.
"I'm for Ben!," Larry exclaimed.
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