Ashton Kutcher Talks His Reverence For Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher talks about playing the flawed character of Apple innovator Steve Jobs

Playing the role of someone you never met in a major motion picture is tough enough in today's movie industry. But for Ashton Kutcher, who took on the role of Steve Jobs in his newest film, "Jobs" having never met the tech icon proved to be a source of inspiration to Kutcher.
"I admired Steve," Kutcher said during his "Larry King Now" interview with co-star Josh Gad, "I never knew him, never met him. I drastically admired him."
Part of making the character human for "Jobs" was recognizing and bringing to life the flaws in Jobs' character, which Kutcher was made aware of in preparing for the role.
"He's flawed, and there's certain times in his life when he made poor choices," said Kutcher. "And certain times when he made great choices. I admired his vision."
But the characteristics that made Jobs such an important figure in the tech world drew Kutcher into the role the most.
"He was a philosopher in the sense that he had a really vast understanding about a lot of things," said Kutcher. "He was able to identify trends really quickly and then simplify them."
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