Larry King's Master Class In Soap Opera Acting

Larry King gets a facial acting lesson from the stars of "One Life to Live."

Think you've got what it takes to cut it in the soap acting world?

Larry King was put to the test during a special episode of "Larry King Now" with the stars of "One Life to Live." With Tuc Watkins, Melissa Archer and Corbin Bleu sitting around the table at the LKN studios, Larry gave each actor a chance to react to a wild plot twist that might be found on "One LIfe to Live."

You find your husband in bed with someone else! Your father stole all your money to pay off his bookie! Your sister reappears at the door after being dead and gone for five years! Your best friends shoots you thinking you're his enemy! You figure out your mother is your sister!

Each OLTL actor took on a convincing facial expression, and then gave Larry a go:

You open the door expecting to see your wife, and you see your long-lost father who you thought was killed in an automobile accident!


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