The Backstreet Boys Recount Some of the Most Hilarious Moments From Their Tour

The Backstreet Boys tell Larry King there have been plenty of embarrassing moments on the road.

After 20 years of touring, you have to expect the Backstreet Boys have some wild stories from the road.

Turns out, as they told Larry King on a special episode of "Larry King Now," they have enough stories to fill an entire episode, but were willing to share a few with the talk icon:

"We've fallen in the stage, we've fallen off the stage, we've actually split our pants, we've dropped our pants, accidentally, up on the wires, floating" Howie Dorough explained.
Kevin Richardson had the most harrowing pants tale, from a show in Los Angeles that was filled with friends and family coming in to see BSB perform.
"I was hanging above the audience at the Forum in Los Angeles," said Richardson. "I had my friends come, and I'm hanging up there and my pants are coming off."
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