IF YOU ONLY KNEW: The "Larry King Now" Studio PA, Graham!

Meet Graham, the "Larry King Now" Studio PA, and read his answers to Larry's favorite game of "If You Only Knew"

Hey you guys! Meet Graham...

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1) What is your job at “Larry King Now”?

Studio Production Assistant

2) What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

My day to day varies but my main responsibilities are operating Larry's Teleprompter. Assorted runs for the Office. Transportation and Private Security. 

3) Where did you go to school and what was your major? 

I went to Orange Coast College where I was a Marine Biology Major for a few years than transferred to the Art Institute of Los Angeles in Santa Monica where I majored in Video Production/Digital Filmmaking. 

Read on to see Graham play “If You Only Knew”

FIRST KISS...2nd grade, Female

PROUDEST MOMENT… Being Time Magazines Person of the year in 2006. 

BIGGEST REGRET... I had the theme song to Terminator stuck in my head when I was in the shower once. I thought it would be a good idea to do the pose, the one where he arrives from the future. I ended up getting soap in my eye. 


FAVORITE MOMENT WORKING AT LKN…  In Vegas, Mariande and I we were wrapping up gear in the banquet hall. A drunk woman kicked in the door, stumbled inside, looked at us and realized she was in the wrong place. That woman was Chaka Khan. 

FAVORITE MOVIE… The Warriors  

WHAT YOU’RE JAMMING TO ON YOUR I POD RIGHT NOW… Slayer, The Band and Marty Robbins. 

FIRST JOB… I delivered Pharmaceuticals for a Pharmacy.

DREAM JOB… Writer, Director

IF NOT INTERNET TV…THEN WHAT…  Make up effects probably. If I left the entertainment industry completely Private Detective or Demonologist. 




FAVORITE ITEM YOU OWN…  My Leather Jacket. 

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