WIN IT! Larry King Comic Book

Help Larry King & Zachary Levi create a Larry King themed comic book story for a chance to win your very own comic book signed by Larry & Zac!

Zachary Levi recently joined Larry in studio to discuss the 2014 Nerd HQ Event, happening this summer in San Diego, CA. After the show, the two brainstormed an initial storyline to a Larry King themed comic book. Now Larry and Zac need your help to finish their tale.


Watch this clip and read below to find out how you can collaborate with Zac and Larry to win a signed version of your very own Larry King comic book story.

It's your turn to complete "The Adventures of Captain Suspenders: Chapter 1." In the form below submit a summary to the end of Larry and Zac's newly minted super hero. The best story, chosen by Larry's producers, will win a Captain Suspenders comic book designed to follow their idea-- signed by Larry King and Zac Levi. Good luck!  

Don't forget to watch Larry's full interview of Zac -- right here -- or anytime on demand on Ora TV and Hulu.


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