‘Billie Jean’ Performed by Guys with Beer Bottles is Totally Awesome!

Need a mid-day pick-me-up? Check out this video from Larry King Now sponsor, The Stir, and The Bottle Boys and be prepared to be blown away!

The Bottle Boys are an absurdly talented group of five guys from Denmark who perform various songs by blowing into empty bottles. Their YouTube channel has videos of them tackling some of the most popular songs out there, but their most recent adaptation of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” certainly takes the cake in our opinion! Other viral videos from The Bottle Boys include them covering songs like “Walking on Sunshine,” “Call Me Maybe,” and even “Under the Sea.” So what’s their secret? “It works by filling the bottle up with water, and the more water you use, the higher the note will get.” - Phillip “It’s like playing the flute. You do it at a 45-degree angle as if you’re blowing a candle.” - Johannes Undeniably awesome!


Check out the video here and let The Stir know what you think in the comments below: http://thestir.cafemom.com/entertainment/173131/billie_jean_performed_by_hot

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