Same Sex Marriage: Four Perspectives

The Supreme Court will take on the issue of same sex marriage this spring, following the dismissal of bans on same sex marriage in 36 states and the District of Columbia. CNN reports that the Court will hear petitions from Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, and Michigan in its next session, with oral arguments starting in April and a ruling expected by June of this year.

Over the past two seasons of 'Larry King Now', same sex marriage has been a hot issue, as it has been across the country. Guests from varied backgrounds  -- from The Dalai Lama to 'Big Brother' host Julie Chen -- have chimed in with their thoughts, as has Larry himself. 

In today's episode, Meghan McCain hosts a panel about millennials and that generation's changing views on marriage, including how the growing acceptance of marriage equality in the U.S. may make millennials' views on marriage in general quite different from their parents'. 

Check out the clips below for more on same sex marriage:

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