Happy Birthday Seth MacFarlane!

Or should I say... HBD Stewie, Peter & Brian Griffin?

By Hannah Kavy

If you don't think Family Guy, American Dad & Ted are beyond hilarious, please understand that we cannot be friends. If you do... I love you & so does Larry because that man truly appreciate's Seth MacFarlane's humor. As should you.

In honor of Seth's birthday, we're taking a look back at our first episode of Larry King Now with Seth MacFarlane! If you don't have time to cry of laughter through Seth & Larry's full 30 minute interview, we've cut some of the best moments below, because we're on top of it & here for you. #Ora

Seth & Larry talk about legalizing Marijuana...

Then bond over their mutual desire for Cryonics & to be immortal... 

Happy birthday Seth! From Larry, myself & ROGER...

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