It's Nelly's Birthday!

You know what that means, go on and "Shake Ya Tailfeather!"

By Hannah Kavy

In honor of Nelly's birthday, not only am I rockin' a pair of Air Force 1s, but I just spent 30 minutes watching Larry & Nelly's interview. They played a game of baseball trivia and let me tell you, it's gold.

You may be asking yourself, being a notorious Dodgers fan why in the world is Larry sporting a St. Louis Cardinals hat?! You'll have to watch their impromptu baseball trivia game, "Crowding the Plate" below to find out...

Alright so everyone's talked about Drake these days, so Larry had to ask... will we ever get a Nelly & Drake collab?! 

Can't get enough Nelly? ME EITHER. Here's the full interview...

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