Tim McGraw, Lee Daniels, And More of Larry King's 'Most Influential' Guests -- According to TIME

TIME Magazine's annual '100 Most Influential People' came out on Thursday, and the list surfaced some of our favorite guests on Larry King Now from the past few years. Whether it's the celebrity named on TIME's list or the person writing their accompanying tribute (we're partial to Martha Stewart waxing poetic about Kim Kardashian West and Tilda Swinton's actual poem for Amy Schumer), each year brings a new crop of some of the world's most fascinating icons. 

We've been fortunate to spend a few minutes with several of the bold-faced names on the list, from country star Tim McGraw to The Butler director and hit new show Empire creator Lee Daniels (Oprah Winfrey -- another former guest on LKN -- wrote the tribute piece to Daniels).

Check out clips below of our favorite influencers:

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