SNEAK PEEK: Living With Orthorexia (VIDEO)

On April 17th, a panel show discussing the emergence of the Orthorexia eating disorder —where healthy eating becomes an unhealthy obsession — airs on 'Larry King Now'. Below is a SNEAK PEEK VIDEO of the episode — be sure to tune in!

Larry was joined by famed nutritionist Dr. Melina Jampolis, psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy and 'Balanced Blonde' blogger Jordan Younger for an enlightening conversation about the potential dangers of eating 'too healthy.' In this preview clip, Jordan —who courageously revealed her struggle with Orthorexia last year after realizing she'd taken her vegan diet to the absolute extreme — discusses in detail the physical and mental effects of the disorder. Check it out and make sure to tune into the full episode on Orthorexia airing April 17th, 2015 on Ora TV.


For more information on Orthorexia, click here

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