Larry King Now 500th Episode: A Look Back To Episode 1 With Seth MacFarlane

A look back to our first guest on Larry King Now, Seth MacFarlane.

Before he hosted the Oscars and before a little obnoxious bear named Ted became a cultural phenomenon, Seth MacFarlane had the honor being our very first guest on Larry King Now. We shot the premiere episode at Larry’s house – the studio hadn’t even been finished yet! – and Seth graciously shared his thoughts on everything from marijuana legalization to what his late mother thought of his jokes, and joined Larry for a mean impression of The Shadow.

Since that first episode, neither Seth nor Larry has had his brain cryogenically frozen, but both of them have hit milestones in their careers. Seth hosted the 2013 Oscars and went on to make Ted 2, which comes out on June 26; Larry’s interviewed hundreds of newsmakers and was nominated for an Emmy award for the show last year -- but hasn't made use of the cartooning skills Seth taught him in this episode.

Check out our first ever interview with Seth below and then watch our latest episode with Josh Gad for a sense of how things have changed around here – and how they haven’t -- over the past three seasons.

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