Shirley MacLaine, Hilary Swank, Kevin Bacon, and More Praise Meryl Streep

It's Meryl Streep's birthday and what better way to honor her than with some favorite LKN moments!

Near the end of almost every interview, Larry King asks "Who would you most like to work with in Hollywood?" And more often than not, when actors come on Larry King Now, they give one resounding answer to that question: "Meryl." 

Today, Meryl Streep turns 66 and the Oscar-winning actress is only continuing her incredible legacy as time goes by. 

Kevin Bacon says Meryl Streep is the one actor he looks up to for inspiration. Of other actors, he notes "If you really, really break down their great performances they are all shades of one performance."  But with Streep, he gushes,"they are completely transformative."

Funny lady Rachael Harris (joined by Cheryl Hines in the 2013 clip below) admitted that when she has trouble keeping a straight face on camera, she was once told to refer to the mantra: "What Would Meryl Streep Do?"

Shirley MacLaine says Meryl Streep is "the best in the world" and explains the way Streep truly becomes the characters she plays in a unique way.

Hilary Swank worked with Meryl Streep briefly in The Homesman last year, but says they never shared a scene, so Meryl's still her number one pick of future co-stars.

Happy Birthday, Meryl!

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