Let's Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

This month is dedicated to celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of some of our best citizens, Hispanic Americans!

By Hannah Kavy

In my opinion (and hopefully yours) one of the best things about our country is the amount of diversity we have. To be able to live in a place where you can learn first hand about so many different cultures and traditions is incredible. Starting today — September 15th — until October 15th, we're taking time to celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth. This is a time where Americans of all cultural backgrounds will come together to celebrate the history and contributions of Hispanic American citizens. Below are a few interesting interviews that our man Larry King has had with several Hispanic American influencers.

When Music Icon Gloria Estefan talked with Larry, she took the time to speak out about an important topic, immigration reform.

"Immigration doesn't effect every American, it effects the immigrants, so we always try to keep it front and center and keep the pressure up." #Truth

Larry talked to legendary musician Carlos Santana about his thoughts on Barack Obama, Carlos had a few words of advice for our President.

"I don't need your permission nor your approval to do something that is wonderful for humanity." #Preach

Academy Award winner Rosie Perez was inspiring when she spoke to Larry about how she is changing Latin representation in Hollywood.

"The boat needs to be rocked." #YAASROSIEYAAS

Mario Lopez talked to Larry about embracing his position as a Latin role model.

"We're such a loyal culture too, I think if they see one of us out there and they say, 'Oh look he's a Mexican kid from Chula Vista, damn if he can do it I can do it!'" #Inspired

Larry talked to his friend and Mexican business mogul Carlos Slim about his philosophy of wealth.

“I think wealth is an instrument to create welfare in society.” #WiseWords

U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera joined Larry on #PoliticKING to share his words of power & passion. 

"As a writer in the Chicano Civil Rights Movement.... we all were writing about our experiences and our families because we didn't see those experiences talked about, or written about, or covered." #GetUpStandUp

This month, and always, take time to speak to people with different cultural background. I guarantee you'll learn something new & have a greater respect for people who are different from yourself. Being normal is boring, being unique and bringing something different to the table is where it's at! #HispanicHeritageMonth

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