Breaking The Fast With Cookie?

Cookie Lyon, obviously!

By Hannah Kavy

Empire is back tonight and I sure know what I'm doing to break my Yom Kippur fast! After spending the whole day fasting and atoning for my sins, I see no other way to spend my night then watching my "spirit human," Cookie Lyon, slay in the season premiere. Peep these Larry King Now clips below where Larry gets the lowdown from an Empire producer, cast member and more...

Empire producer Brian Grazer talks about how the idea for the epicly successful show was created. Side note, currently obsessed with his hair.

Terrence Howard aka Lucious Lyon talked to Larry a couple years ago, before Empire was a thing.. how did we survive back then? IDK

Rapper and activist Talib Kweli spent some time talking Empire with guest host Wayne Brady. Why was there a pushback from some activists when Empire first started? Watch...

Alright listen up, time to get real. So, not everyone is an Empire fan... say whaaaaat?! Yeah you heard me, 50 Cent recently came on Larry King Now and explained why he felt like they were swagger jacking his show, Power

PBS host Tavis Smiley talked to Larry about concerns among some within the African-American community about the way black people are portrayed on Empire.

I will leave you with this GIF, which describes how I currently feel... for food & Empire.

(Source: FoxPOPSUGAR)


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