Angela Bassett Confirms She'll Be In 'American Horror Story' Season 6

But the real question is — who will the fan favorite actress play?

By: Kyle MacLelland - Producer, 'Larry King Now'

It seems Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett has made a home for herself on the set of FX's 'American Horror Story', much to the delight of the show's wildly loyal fanbase and it's famed creator Ryan Murphy.

Despite  Murphy recently mentioning Bassett’s return for the highly anticipated sixth season of the show, the Hollywood veteran herself hasn't confirmed the news — until now. While appearing on 'Larry King Now' in an interview that will air March 2nd, 2016 on Ora TV, Larry pressed Angela about a season 6 return, and the star officially said she'll be back for more 'AHS' thrills and chills. Angela even got deep with The King about the show's allure, why she enjoys doing it so much, and her rapport with fellow cast members like the legendary Kathy Bates.

Angela has received two Emmy nominations for her ‘American Horror Story’ roles, with many predicting she’ll receive a third following her portrayal of ‘Ramona Royale’ in season five of the show titled ‘American Horror Story: Hotel.’

Now if Ryan could only tell the world the theme of the new season, ‘AHS’ fans would be set!

Check out the advanced clip from Angela's conversation with Larry below and be sure to watch her full 'Larry King Now' interview, airing March 2nd, 2016 — right here on Ora TV. And remember, new 'Larry King Now' interviews with some of your favorite newsmakers and celebrities are available Monday through Friday, on-demand, on Ora TV. Upcoming guests include Morgan Freeman, Norman Reedus & Donna Karan. 

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Angela Bassett  discusses 'American Horror Story' on 'Larry King Now' 

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