'Fuller House' - The Countdown Begins

A lot on line as the upcoming Netflix revival of 'Full House' draws close.

By: Pari Heidari, 'Larry King Now'

Like most kids raised in the 90s, I grew up watching 'Full House.' The heartwarming family show wasn’t just a source of great 90s-comedy, it was a staple of my childhood. The fatherly advice that widowed father, Danny Tanner, gave his daughters, I took to heart. And the jokes and voices that uncle Joey made, cheered me up when I was feeling low. As an adoptee-Tanner daughter, I was quite shocked to hear of the upcoming Netflix revival. The third in a string of revivals by Netflix, (Arrested DevelopmentGilmore Girls) one can’t help but question this sudden trend. Is it a money making scheme, designed to squeeze every last dollar out of a once successful show? Or is there really a valid reason to wake these dormant shows from their nostalgic sleep. In short, is there a compelling story to be told?

Premiering on February 26, all we have to go on as of now, is the released trailer.
'Fuller House,’ as the new series will be called, seems to retain the essence of the original show, both in its aesthetics and substance. D.J., the eldest of the Tanner daughters, is now a single mother of three sons - reversing the circumstances of 'Full House,’ where we saw Danny as the single father of three daughters - and is moving back into her childhood home. The absence of the youngest Tanner, Michelle - famously played by the Olsen twins - has been the topic of much gossip. If the sisters will make a guest appearance or not is still unclear, but the doors of the Tanner house seem to be wide open.
Are you excited about the revival? Or are you, like myself, worried that it might be a 'Godfather III', 'Titanic'-meets-iceberg kind of situation?
Let us know what you think in the comments below and check out what Candace Cameron had to say about the revival when she appeared on 'Larry King Now!' 

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