‘Will & Grace’ Cast Reunite in Honor of James Burrows

The cast of the successful show got together to reminisce and pay tribute to the legendary TV director. 

By: Pari Heidari, 'Larry King Now'

It would appear reunions and revivals are the hot thing of the moment. It seems everywhere I turn I hear about an old sitcom being brought back, or the cast of something or other getting back together for a reunion. Last night, the motherlode of reunions took place as NBC aired 'Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows,' where casts from some of our all-time favorite shows came together to honor the Godfather of TV, James Burrows. The massively successful TV director and producer has worked on some of the most loved TV shows of all time, earning him the title “the Steven Spielberg of TV.”  Among his achievements are shows such as  'Friends,' 'Frasier,' 'Cheers,' 'Mike & Molly' and 'Will and Grace.' 
Sean HayesEric McCormack, and Megan Mullally were all there to pay homage to the man of the hour. Debra Messing, who played title character Grace Adler in the series, unfortunately, was not, but delivered her message to Burrows all the same, through a pre-recorded clip. The three attending cast members sat down with Andy Cohen to discuss their time with Burrows, and shared their favorite scenes together.  

With an impressive resume of TV Shows, Burrows maintains that ‘Will and Grace' is his favorite. The show, which ran for eight seasons - totaling an impressive 194 episodes - was directed by Burrows from start to finish. “It made me laugh every day of the week," he said in regards to the show. 

But when Larry sat down with Megan Mullally, who played the role of Karen Walker, she revealed that all four of the main actors were close to turning down their parts. See what she had to say when she appeared on 'Larry King Now!'

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