NFL Legend Ken Stabler Suffered From Brain Disease CTE

Stabler is added to the list of NFL players posthumously diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy...

By: Kyle MacLelland, Producer 'Larry King Now'

This morning, Boston University researchers diagnosed late, great Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler with  Stage 3 CTE. The disease is a degenerative brain disorder found in people who have experienced repeated head trauma, like many pro football players. CTE — of course — has been a hot topic of conversation in the sports world, as more and more former NFL athletes have suffered from it, leading to several lawsuits against the league. CTE and the NFL's handling of the issue was also covered in the recent Will Smith movie Concussion. 

The news of Stabler's condition makes him the 7th NFL quarterback to have CTE. At large, over 100  former players have been diagnosed. According to a New York Times report, Dr. Ann McKee, who is the chief of neuropathology at the V.A. Boston Healthcare System and a professor of neurology and pathology at the Boston University School of Medicine, said the following about Stabler's results:

 "He had moderately severe disease. Pretty classic. It may be surprising since he was a quarterback, but certainly the lesions were widespread, and they were quite severe, affecting many regions of the brain"

Boston University — a leader in this type of research — has found CTE in 90 of the 94 former players it has examined. 

If you are wanting to learn more about CTE and the affect it's had on the NFL athletes and beyond, take a look at Larry King Now's Emmy nominated discussion 'Head Trauma in the NFL.' Larry was joined by NFL Superbowl Champion Fred McCrary, NFL player Marcedes Lewis, Sports Illustrated writer Jim Trotter, and brain imaging expert Dr. Daniel Amen. The panel had a lively and honest conversation about the issue. ( SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH ).

Ken Stabler ( Photo by Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports )

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