Emmanuel Sanders Offers His Choice for New Broncos QB

From Super Bowl Champions to a team without a quarterback, the Denver Broncos are searching high and low to find the new man to lead them to another win.  We have some suggestions.

After an incredible Super Bowl victory, the Denver Broncos find themselves without a quarterback.  With the retirement of Peyton Manning, and Brock Osweiler bolting for a multi-million dollar deal with the Texans, the search for their replacement QB begins. 

Star wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders took to Twitter to suggest his choice for the team's new QB: 

Well, we here at Ora TV have some suggestions of our own:

1) Al Bundy - Yes, he was a fullback but he scored four touchdowns in a single game.  He fits the bill! 

2) Willie Beaman - Sharks (from Any Given Sunday)

3) Jr Floyd - Giants (Little, that is):

4) Footsteps Shane Falco - Washington Sentinels (The Replacements): 

5) Joe Pendleton (Heaven Can Wait): 

6) And of course...Tim Tebow is still available. 

Speaking of QBs...Here is Jim Brown discussing Johnny Manziel in a special episode of Larry King Now:

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