Kathy Griffin: Sexism in Comedy is Alive and Well

In honor of Women's History Month we take a look at some of the most influential women in the world of entertainment.

By: Pari Heidari, 'Larry King Now'

One of the only five female comedians to play Carnegie Hall by herself, and as Larry points out, one of the great comediennes of all time, Kathy Griffin has yet to crack the list of top-earning comedians - a list, it should be clarified, only consists of men. "Sexism in comedy is alive and well," Griffin says. While she concedes there are female comedians out there - making mention of new and upcoming comediennes such as Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham - she expresses concern over the small number and slow progress.  “There’s still so few of us,” she says. "  Joan Rivers was the last to have a network nightly, late-night, talk show. She broke the glass ceiling and somehow the glass got back together.”

On the topic of politics, she admits that, while she does “feel the Bern,” she’s #readyforHillary: “It’s our turn.  We have an incredible, established, qualified female."

”Hillary knows the game,” says Griffin, a self-described "hardcore feminist. “People like to make history and she’s the one to make history with."  Griffin confesses she relates to Hillary, saying they both work in male dominated field.  As for Trump, she says that she isn’t happy about his running for president as a woman, but owns that her comedian-self is loving it.  “It’s comedy gold,” she tells Larry.  In her trademark unapologetic style, Griffin goes on to call the Benghazi hearings “a sham,” Fox News “a network of propaganda,” and Bill Cosby “a serial rapist."

See her entire interview with Larry and hear as she talks about sexism and being a brand name.  Also, join them as they take a look at some of her most provocative appearances on 'Larry King Now.'

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