Tyrese Gibson: 'I Would Be the Best Green Lantern'

'Fast & Furious 8’ star Tyrese Gibson is campaigning for the role of The Green Lantern after fan art depicting him in the the green suit hit the internet.

By: Pari Heidari, Larry King Now

Tyrese Gibson's campaign for the role of The Green Lantern might just pay off.  The actor and Grammy-nominated singer sat down with Larry on 'Larry King Now' and confirmed that he has indeed been in contact with Warner Bros.  Gibson has made very clear that he is interested in the part, speaking about it candidly in interviews and reposting fan art to his Instagram.


In an interview with Collider the actor said, while he thinks it's important that we have more black superheroes, that's not the main reason he's so keen. “I do believe that there needs to be more black superheroes out there, but that’s not even my motivation,” Gibson said. The actor's main drive appears to be the simple belief that he would the most suited, and in his own words, "the best," Green Lantern.  “I think I would be the best Green Lantern and based on my fans and supporters that spent around $6 billion in box office receipts, I feel like there’s a fanbase of fans out there waiting to see me put on this green suit and do my thing.”  He also brought up his rather impressive physique, telling Larry, "I got the muscles for it.  I can do 1,500 push-ups right now."

Gibson defends his self-promoting by pointing out to Larry that creating a buzz online and with the help of fans has worked for actors before him.  “But, you know, there have been other artists, actors and actresses who have put up images of them as a comic book character and ended up landing a role," Gibson said.  "So I was like, it’s worth giving it a shot.”

If he does land the role, he'll appear in the Green Lantern Corps, scheduled for release on June 19, 2020 as well as in Zack Snyder's Justice League series. 

What do you think?  Is Gibson the man for the role?

Watch him discuss the part with Larry in the clip below! 

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