Harrison Ford's injury saved 'The Force Awakens'

A shattered ankle isn't always a bad thing.

By Kelley Forrester, Larry King Now

Although what may have been a personal tragedy for Harrison Ford, the day the actor's ankle was crushed on set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a blessing in disguise. 

JJ Abrams, the film's co-writer and director, revealed that the time off for Ford's recovery allowed him to rewrite and further develop the relationship between Rey and Finn.

While at the Tribeca Film Festival, Abrams said, "When I was on the set of the Millennium Falcon and we started to do work with Rey and Finn, the first time we did it, it didn't work at all. It was much more contentious. I didn't direct it right. It was set up all wrong, and when Harrison Ford got injured - which was a very scary day - we ended up having a few weeks off, and it was during that time that I really got to look at what we had done and rewrite quite a bit of that relationship. So when we came back to work again, we actually just reshot from the ground up, those scenes. It was an amazingly helpful thing to get these two characters to where they needed to be."

The Force Awakens hit theaters on December 18, 2015 and earned a record-breaking $248 million in the box office during its opening weekend.

Awhile back, Harrison Ford sat down with Larry King and discussed his future with the Star Wars franchise.

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