Wendi McLendon-Covey comments on today's presidential race

'The Goldbergs' star sits down with Larry King to discuss the current state of our political race. 

By: Saher Khalil, Larry King Now

Celebrities are just like us!

It’s a headline we’re all too familiar with. Usually, it’s above a photo of one of the Kardashians doing something like going grocery or pumping their own gas. While the headline itself is just meant to grab your attention and sell magazines, in reality, it’s a concept that we constantly forget. Celebrities are just like us. Yes, some of them live extravagant lifestyles that many of us can only dream of. But when you strip away the glitz and the glam, you’re left with human beings who share many of the same hopes, dreams and even fears as we do.

Recently, Larry King sat down with Wendi McLendon-Covey and asked her what she thought of the current political race. Her answer fits perfectly under the “just like us”  headline.

Watch the clip below to hear her answer.

Like many citizens, the idea a Trump presidency terrifies her. Which, in my opinion, is the only proof I need that someone is “just like me.”

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