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Former LA Times Crime Reporter Michael Connelly Wouldn’t Have Covered O.J. Simpson

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Marcia Clark reacts to ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ & Sarah Paulson’s performance

Larry King NowMar 25 '16

Marcia Clark reflects on the "trial of the century" and candidly responds to FX's 'The People v. O.J. Simpson' and Sarah Paulson's portrayal of her. Plus, Kato Kaelin weighs in on the show's accuracy.

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*Posted Online on Ora.TV on March 25th 2016:

“You know the trial was an unending experience of torture every single day, watching justice get subverted by everything else. Two innocent people were brutally murdered and no one seemed to care, and it got completely buried. The truth of the case, and what it was really about got buried by certainly important social issues, but social issues that had nothing to do with the murder of these two people. So it was extremely painful and I just didn’t want to relive it. I didn’t want it to get out there again, and have to go through all of those hideous, miserable emotions again.” –Marcia Clark on why she originally did not want “The People v. O.J. Simpson” made into a television series

“Ryan Murphy is a phenomenal director. When I heard he was going to do it, that was my first clue that this was going to be a quality production. Because he doesn't mess around, he does wonderful stuff. But I didn’t know he was going to bring out the sexism aspect of it, no one had. No one had ever looked at that, I never thought anyone would to be honest with you.” –Marcia Clark on how Ryan Murphy focused on the sexism of the time and how he is a phenomenal director

“I love Sarah Paulson and I have been a fan of hers for a thousand years. There is nothing she does that isn’t brilliant. So of course I knew this would be too, and it is.Nuanced and impassive, she’s amazing I don’t have enough words, but it’s very difficult to watch someone be you. You know, because, especially in the context of this trial. So I know she is getting it right, and I know she is really doing it, but because she does it so well I am re-experiencing all of the pain. I’m watching her experience what I experienced, and she shows you what I was feeling on the inside, and that’s something that I always wanted to remain hidden, so you know, hard.” –Marcia Clark on how she feel Sarah Paulson is doing portraying her in “The People v. O.J. Simpson”

“The issue, really Larry, was Johnny Cochran who was iconic in the black community, was going to be leading the charge in a case where they were determined to make it all about race. That was always the threat from the minute he came on.” –Marcia Clark on her only worry during the trial

“We met for dinner. That was one of those amazing things where I had been a fan of hers, I’m such a huge of hers, and Larry I have to say I’m not sure I’d have wanted to meet anybody else. Because whatever, she’s an actress playing me, but it was Sarah Paulson! So I just had to, being the fangirl that I am. Yet it is scary to meet someone that you revere so much, it can be disappointing. You never know right? There was a little bit of trepidation with what’s this going to be like. She was AMAZING! It was the most fun. We drank tequila all night, we shut the place down, we never stopped laughing, it was just wonderful. Just wonderful.” –Marcia Clark on meeting Sarah Paulson and having a amazing time

“Here’s the thing, we’d been dealing with the reality of that possibility from the very beginning. And because, in Downtown Los Angeles for many years, long before the Rodney King verdict, race has been injected into cases by defense lawyers routinely, and it didn’t always work but sometimes it did. So here we not only have an African American defendant, but he’s so famous! Really a big problem. So this was ongoing. Then when we saw that the claims of planting evidence were being taken so seriously and with such credibility, um, the reality was we couldn't ignore the possibility that there would be a not guilty verdict. In some respects we were hoping to merely hang the jury and have another shot at it.” –Marcia Clark on finding out O.J. was found not guilty

“To a certain extent I certainly did [lose faith in the justice system]. I have to say, a lot of it Larry, had to do with the fact that we had a judge who refused to control the courtroom, and who handed the reins to the defense. Absolutely the wrong judge for this trial, there is no question. Very driven by celebrities, more interested in how the media treated him then in justice. The first big argument that we had was a motion I brought up to keep the racial issue out of the case. My challenge was this, ‘If they cannot show you how Mark Fuhrman could have planted that glove then there is no reason to bring in whatever he feels about African Americans, because if he couldn’t have planted the evidence then it doesn't matter how he felt.’ The judge initially ruled for us and kept it out. The very next day F. Lee Bailey, made essentially no new argument and just screamed at the judge, and the judge, fearful I think of the media appearance of how he’d be perceived reversed his ruling. I think at that point, any chance we had at even hanging the jury was over.” –Marcia Clark on losing some faith in the American justice system

“I think the acting has been great, but there are some inconsistencies based on sort of my part Larry. There are certain things that, um, the writers have embellished. There are scenes, I’ll give you an example, the scene where Robert Kardashian is reading the suicide letter, they show me on O.J.’s property, I was nowhere near that. Nowhere near that. I thought that would be researched.Another major, major thing was during my testimony was I said that there was this bag, the night of, where O.J. was with his limo driver but they show the limo driver and O.J. walking out and the limo is in the street. It’s just so far from the truth, the limo was parked in front of the house and I said ‘let me get that bag for you’ and O.J. said ‘no, don’t touch that bag. That’s the bag that has never been found. The biggest part of that testimony.” –Kato Kaelin discussing why he is not a fan of the show

“Billy Magnussen did not contact me. By the way he’s a great actor, I saw the ‘Bridge of Spies’ and the ‘Into the Woods’, great actor. The mistake I think he made, in my opinion, was he chose a character that was not me. I’m not the dude that they are trying to portray, the ‘hey,dude what’s up’ is not me, although he plays it great, as that character it’s not Kato.” –Kato Kaelin on actor Billy Magnussen’s portrayal of him in “The People v. O.J. Simpson”

“O.J. is, you know him, a very charismatic person. He loves, loves being adulated by people, he loved it, he loved people coming up for autographs and I think that’s also his demise that he wanted that autograph, he wanted to get his merchandise back, and it just backfired on him as you know.” –Kato Kaelin on his opinion of O.J. Simpson