December 3rd 2014

Ora.TV To Debut Late Night Spanish Talk Show 'El Pelado De La Noche'

New York, NY. (December 3, 2014) – Ora.TV will premiere Sergio Bruna’s late night talk show “EL PELADO DE LA NOCHE,” on December 4. “EL PELADO DE LA NOCHE,” is a hybrid between a late-night talk show and a sketch comedy show, offering monologues, celebrity gossip, interviews, and popular guests who also participate in the sketches. “El Pelado de la Noche” satisfies the market’s long awaited need for a comedy show tailored for Latinos since the end of Adal Ramones’ “Otro Rollo.” This much-awaited move is Ora.TV’s newest endeavor to embrace the Latino community in a traditionally English-speaking network. 

Sergio Bruna is the lively and charismatic host, who delved into many aspects of life before achieving his current success as the show’s creator and host. As the quintessential dreamer, he left his natal city of Madrid as a teenage boy and moved to Mexico, taking a wide range of jobs from waiting tables to selling taximeters and LED signs. After trying a little bit of everything, he finally focused all his efforts on his passion in 2011: comedy. Bruna wrote, financed, directed, and edited “El Pelado de la Noche,” landing a deal with renowned network Azteca America without the help of any agent.  Ora TV will now air “El Pelado de la Noche,” due to Bruna’s sizzle and perseverance, making it the perfect show to help expand the network’s visibility amongst the ever-growing Latino community.

“EL PELADO DE LA NOCHE” is available today at

About Ora TV

Ora TV is a television production studio and on-demand digital network with its home at Ora (which means "now" in Italian) launched in July 2012 with "Larry King Now," available on Hulu and on, viewed millions of times per month online, and broadcast on TV around the world.In 2014, Larry King Now was nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Discussion and Analysis. In April of 2013, Ora TV acquired Stick Figure Studios, an Emmy award-winning documentary and reality series production company based in New York. / Stick Figure's other programming includes Politicking with Larry King, Wayward Nation, NewsBreaker, NewsBreaker en Espanol (hosted by Emmy winner Naibe Reynoso), Daily ReHash, DweebCast, Off The Grid with Jesse Ventura, Real Girl’s Kitchen with Haylie Duff (currently airing on The Cooking Channel), Catching Hell (currently airing on The Weather Channel), Beer Geeks (nominated for an Emmy in 2014) and the recently launched Brown Bag Wine Tasting with William Shatner.Recently Ora.TV announced the upcoming release of “The Collectors”, a series of 10 short films to be aired on and Ora is funded by América Móvil, the leading Latin American wireless service provider, with a majority interest held by noted global business leader Carlos