10 Surprising Places to Travel in November

1. Greece

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Greece is a great place to visit in the autumn because it's still relatively warm.November is also the olive harvest season in Greece, so it's the perfect time to see how cold-pressed olive oil is made direct from the source!It's also a great time to go island hopping -- with most of the tourists gone, you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful islands of Corfu or Crete for some local flavor and old-town culture!

2. Australia

As the winter months are approaching in North America, Australians are just starting to enjoy summer! November is Melbourne Cup month, so locals will have their eyes fixed on the horse races, but there are plenty of other things to do too.It's warmer in the north and a little cooler in the south.It's a great time to visit Tasmania as it's starting to warm up, check out the wine region and some of the indigenous species.You might just see a wallaby roaming the streets!

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is a must in November for winter sports enthusiasts.The ski tourists haven't arrived yet, but the locals are already up in the mountains enjoying the slopes.Interlaken is a winter sport Mecca with the Jungfrau train taking people to the top of the Bernese Swiss Alps. Wait until the middle of November though to ensure the winter sports and up and running.

4. Morocco

If you're looking for something a little more exotic, look no further than Morocco.Located in the north-western region of Africa, just below Spain, Morocco is both exotic and safe.Staying in a Riad (local houses usually turned into hotels) allows for a true, local experience.You can also usually enjoy a traditional Hammam, which is a public steam baths.This is the place to get a good scrub-down and definitely an eye-opening experience.Also be sure to get out into the desert and tour the beautiful sand dunes on a camel!

5. Barbados

This is the place to be for warm, sandy beaches and true relaxation, plus the local cultural experience is like no other.You're going right before the busy peak in December.Prices are slashed almost 50% at some resorts and November has one of the best local cultural experiences all year: The Barbados Food & Wine and Run Festival! Not only does the festival highlight the best of local Barbados food, but you'll also get the best taste of culture all in one spot.

6. Madagascar

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This is one you need to spend some time and really appreciate the culture.Madagascar has been described as a "different world" because the island has so many rare and unique species not seen anywhere else.September-November is the best time to go since most of the British tourists are gone and the weather is ideal. Many hotels offer programs that will allow you to truly see some incredible creatures including the famous and very rare Lima! In the north, the Masoala Forest Lodge just opened and allows visitors a truly unique and isolated experience.Get ready to get your adventure on here!

7. Hawaii

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It may seem a bit tourist to suggest Hawaii, but there is a reason.Hawaii is November is perfect; it's the least visited month all year!You're beating the crowds, paying less money, but still have awesome weather!If you're going for the famous surf and sand, November in Oahu has the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing – big wave surfing competition with waves up to 30 feet!It's also whale migration season, Maui is welcoming back the humpback whales later in November.

8. Borneo

Visiting the Malaysian part of Borneo is a true experience.Fly into Kuala Lumpur and a short domestic flight gets you to a whole other world.Borneo is a rainforest, so be ready for hot, humid weather, but it's also a great cultural experience. Borneo is THE place to see orangutans. A can't-miss spot is the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary where you can see firsthand the efforts to save this important species.It might get a bit rainy at times, but it's still pretty dry in November and it's much less crowded!

9. Aspen, Colorado

Another ski location a little closer to home.November is when Aspen is just getting started.You may have to wait until the end of the month for the ski season to start, but it's beautiful in the fall and the top of the mountain will already have some snow fall.The official opening date for Aspen mountain is November 26th, so going at the end will get you some of those early-bird specials and you'll pretty much have the mountain to yourself before the busy December ski season.

10. Cape Town

September to November is the best time to visit Cape Town. The weather is amazing, the crowds are few, and the prices are lower. This African country has everything to offer.Beaches? Check. Safaris? Check. Wine Country? Check.A very popular way to explore everything Cape Town and the entire Western Cape has to offer is by helicopter. Civair offers multiple opportunities to see what you want and many different places to land and explore different regions. You could even create a package for yourself that includes shark diving, wine tasting, and a safari! 


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